Definition of ploughman's lunch in English:

ploughman's lunch


  • A meal of bread and cheese, typically with pickled vegetables and salad.

    • ‘Autumn is ideal for crisp British apples to accompany a ploughman's lunch of local farmhouse cheese.’
    • ‘I went for a cycle ride - had to try out the newly fixed bike properly - and went to a little village pub for a ploughman's lunch and a pint of beer.’
    • ‘The pub owner brought him a ploughman's lunch and another pint.’
    • ‘Specifically, I'm going to contemplate a meal that has been a staple at pubs for centuries - the ploughman's lunch.’
    • ‘Refreshments and a ploughman's lunch will be on offer to visitors.’
    • ‘As a teenager I worked in a pub and had to cut big slabs of the stuff for ploughman's lunches.’
    • ‘A ploughman's lunch was provided and the cooler weather contributed to a very enjoyable fun day.’
    • ‘For only a few groat we had a meal of ploughman's lunch and pastie, seated on an unsteady wooden chair in the café garden in front of an enormous bench, with the accompaniment of warm beer, gnats, dragon flies and the occasional bee.’
    • ‘The straightforward menu offers sandwiches, as well as ploughman's lunches and, typically, whitebait with tartare sauce and hearty steak and kidney pies.’
    • ‘This was followed by an appetizer of velvety foie gras, served in the manner of a traditional ploughman's lunch, with slivers of Beaufort cheese and bread.’
    • ‘Depending on the time of day sandwiches, soup or a ploughman's lunch are available.’


ploughman's lunch

/ˈploumənz ˌlən(t)SH//ˈplaʊmənz ˌlən(t)ʃ/