Definition of plotter in US English:



  • 1Someone who secretly makes plans to do something illegal or harmful; a conspirator.

    ‘the trial of alleged coup plotters’
    • ‘The Russians could not be allowed, in putting the mutiny down, to decimate the force on which the plotters planned to rely.’
    • ‘The plotters were arrested in September 2006, just a few months after the country broke away from Serbia.’
    • ‘Three weeks after the attack, one of the principal plotters had been arrested, and other arrests quickly followed.’
    • ‘The names and details were duly supplied by the plotters.’
    • ‘Geoffrey was one of the key plotters against his father, rising twice in rebellion.’
    • ‘One of the plotters was a man called Francis Tresham.’
    • ‘The state said he was one of the key plotters.’
    • ‘He celebrated 40 years of being the most famous plotter on the planet.’
    • ‘The coup failed, and 69 accused coup plotters were later executed after secret trials before military tribunals.’
    • ‘Who were the plotters, the conspirators?’
    • ‘Others decided to spill the beans about the 25 Tory tea-room plotters.’
    • ‘They are plotters, dissemblers, manipulators, murderers of children, fanatics.’
    • ‘Perez told reporters that one of the plotters would then become the coup leader.’
    • ‘Asked to comment on the plot rumours, Mandela reiterated his confidence in the three alleged plotters.’
    • ‘All the plotters agree they want to get rid of him.’
    • ‘Guy Fawkes and the plotters wanted to strike.’
    • ‘His efforts to recover control drove the plotters to drastic action.’
    • ‘The plotters escaped from London for the Midlands.’
    • ‘In his confession, Fawkes claimed that he was approached by Thomas Wintour in the Easter of 1604 to join the plotters.’
    • ‘Now, we don't know who the coup plotters are.’
    conspirator, co-conspirator, schemer, intriguer
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  • 2A piece of equipment that marks out points on a chart.

    ‘a GPS chart plotter’
    • ‘The prototype uses a writing arm similar to an architectural plotter to sign books.’
    • ‘We also use electronic charts with our GPS chart plotter.’
    • ‘The course plotters built into many GPS receivers are the most basic.’
    • ‘GPS, radars, and chart plotters are computerized electronic devices and are subject to periodic failures.’
    • ‘Chart plotters are among today's most popular electronic navigation aids.’
    • ‘When color output is needed, the CAD operator matches the color number with the plotter's pen number.’
    • ‘All of these programs will print their patterns on an ordinary home computer printer or a plotter.’
    • ‘He told us that a list of waypoints can be accessed by pressing the "WPT" button on the chart plotter.’
    • ‘They used fourteen 67-foot rolls of paper on their plotter, producing mission-specific maps and intelligence products.’
    • ‘The platform also offers new elements for user interfaces, and better capacity for integration with corporate networks, applications and peripheral equipment, such as plotters, scanners, etc.’
    • ‘The main piece of equipment he uses is the GPS plotter.’
    • ‘Features include a large LCD and a plotter for interactive real-time viewing and for producing paper records.’
    • ‘Once aboard, your chart plotter safely brings you to your deserted isle.’
    • ‘Integrating cartography with the GPS position information creates a true chart plotter rather then a simple course plotter.’
    • ‘I was an AutoCAD user, back in the days when pen plotters were the state-of-the-art.’
    • ‘A high-quality color printer / plotter is in high demand during regular business hours.’
    • ‘Less than a decade ago, the electrostatic plotter was the top-of-the-line plotter.’
    • ‘Another downside to this situation is that data, including GPS waypoints, will be lost when the plotters are updated.’
    • ‘Plotters used for real time navigation should be controlled by dedicated keypads with perhaps a few "soft" keys.’
    • ‘Here you select a plotter, plot style table, a variety of plot options, and the final paper size in the Page Setup Manager.’