Definition of plot line in US English:

plot line


  • The course or main features of a narrative such as the plot of a play, novel, or movie.

    ‘the plot line might be too complex for audiences to follow’
    • ‘Just one more major thing wrong with this program, the whole basis for the plot line was impossible.’
    • ‘Although there was a shaky plot line, the special effects and the lead actor make up for an exciting and enthralling experience, if you don't take it too seriously’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he may have cowered away by developing a plot line that, while entertaining and engaging, is largely unoriginal and derivative.’
    • ‘When writers and producers are faced with handling a real life death, their often mirror reality by writing the death into the fictional plot line.’
    • ‘Once the main plot line gains some momentum, it becomes absorbing, building to a riveting confrontation with a truly chilling character.’
    • ‘There's almost always a plot line involving racial tension.’
    • ‘I remember thinking how the plot line would go when I posted up the original of this chapter, and realize that at that point it was still very wish-washy.’
    • ‘I like the science, and the effects, but the plot line is a little shallow, at least in my view.’
    • ‘What scriptwriter could have come up with a plot line as good as that?’
    • ‘This is sort of a combination of a ton of stories and books I have read in the past, but the plot line is completely different, so I'll just say they inspired me.’
    • ‘The plot line is always set up so that there is some adversity that gets in the way of the love-match such as poverty or belonging to the wrong class system, or the wrong family or being betrothed to somebody else.’
    • ‘At first I was dubious - it's a ‘family movie’ and the plot line sounded quite naff.’
    • ‘This documentary takes a look at everything from the plot line to the special effects utilized in the film.’
    • ‘In most TV shows, a story arc is a plot line that runs over several episodes, sometimes spanning seasons.’
    • ‘You never have the complete plot line in the way that you would like, so the information is always fragmentary.’
    • ‘The basic plot line concerns a woman and a soldier, who are told to visit an island and round up votes there.’