Definition of Plexiglas in US English:


(also plexiglass, plexiglas)


North American
  • A solid transparent plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate (the same material as Perspex or Lucite)

    ‘panels of light-filtering Plexiglas’
    as modifier ‘the smart Plexiglas cases of the contemporary art museum’
    • ‘The door to the small plexiglas room was opened.’
    • ‘Special earplugs, plexiglas screens, and alternate seating arrangements are among the possible solutions.’
    • ‘The abstract plexiglas etchings are composed of straight-edged shapes.’
    • ‘Although resembling a stone structure from the outside, from the interior the pyramid is seen to be constructed of translucent plexiglas panels over a wood framework.’
    • ‘Investigators have analyzed videos of vampire bats charging down plexiglas runways, and learned that they have evolved a novel running gait.’


1930s: from Greek plēxis ‘percussion’ + glass.