Definition of plentitude in US English:



  • another term for plenitude
    • ‘A funny color has settled on the trees, a noxious youthful green promising both the plentitude of fall and the mishaps of summer.’
    • ‘We've had the pleasure of watching a plentitude of birds this month, including 18 new species.’
    • ‘You need a plentitude of resources to live a lavish life.’
    • ‘Surely then, her-now soaring popularity and critical adulation has helped her socially - not to mention providing a plentitude of romantic options.’
    • ‘You'll find that once you start looking for candles and oil lamps, there are a plentitude from which to choose - and they'll all brighten up your home for the holidays.’
    • ‘Given the plentitude of untranslated, unedited, or perhaps even presently non-extant material on this subject, the case will of course never be finally closed.’
    • ‘Along with Sara's mom, Ann, we spotted a plentitude of fantastic birds, some old and some new.’
    • ‘When I finally walked out toward the cliff's edge I was amused by the plentitude of rusted beer caps strewn about.’
    • ‘However, the plethora of these painters and sculptors and the plentitude of production surveyed were not sufficiently organized to permit a thorough examination of serious stylistic, thematic or political issues.’
    • ‘There is a plentitude of atmospheric information that has an enormous amount to do with how we feel and how we perceive what is going on there, how we register the words spoken, or the sounds heard.’
    • ‘Companies come to China to develop software, and make use of the plentitude of cheap engineers.’