Definition of pledget in US English:



  • A small wad of absorbent cotton or other soft material used to stop up a wound or other opening in the body.

    • ‘Keep all sponges, gauze, pledgets, and their strings moist throughout the procedure to help them resist ignition.’
    • ‘Clinical studies have shown that only approximately one third of a cocaine solution placed on pledgets is absorbed via the nasal mucosa, providing an added margin of safety for the surgeon.’
    • ‘Pulmonary infection after cardiac surgery has been reported as a sequelae of Teflon pledget or graft erosion into adjacent lung parenchyma, resulting in cardiopulmonary fistula and hemoptysis.’
    • ‘For a ventricular hemorrhage, direct digital pressure or suturing via non-absorbable vascular sutures with pledgets.’
    • ‘The pledgets are placed on the atrial side of the mitral annulus.’
    • ‘Local anesthesia is applied to the nasal, oral, and laryngeal mucosa by either an atomizer, gargle, nose drops, or pledget.’
    • ‘At my altar, I deploy cotton pledgets dipped in remover, clean flecks of old polish off each nail, then file the sides’
    • ‘Cotton pledgets soaked in vasoconstrictor and anesthetic should be placed in the anterior nasal cavity, and direct pressure should be applied at both sides of the nose for at least five minutes.’
    • ‘The surgeon inspects all cannulation sites for bleeding and makes any needed repairs with polypropylene suture pledgets.’
    • ‘Aerosols produced when excess blood is expelled from the needle tip can be minimized if the syringe is held vertically and the blood deposited directly on a cotton pledget.’


Mid 16th century: of unknown origin.