Definition of Plecoptera in US English:


plural noun

  • 1An order of insects that comprises the stoneflies.

    • ‘The Grylloblattida s. Storozhenko matches the composition of the Plecopteroid Assemblage excluding the Plecoptera.’
    • ‘Hedriumichnus, known only from the Robledo Mountains, is interpreted as the resting trace of a nymph of a primitive Ephemeroptera or Plecoptera.’
    • ‘One small brown insect that I first thought might be some type of Plecoptera or Neuroptera quickly revealed itself to be a webspinner (Embioptera).’
    • ‘Hedriumichnus may therefore have been produced by a nymph of a primitive Ephemeroptera (Mayflies; the lobes representing abdominal leglets), or Plecoptera (Stoneflies; the lobes representing globular gills).’
    1. 1.1 Insects of the order Plecoptera; stoneflies.
      ‘the gills of most plecoptera’
      • ‘Plecoptera are thought to have a relationship with the Orthopteroid-Plecopteroid assemblage.’
      • ‘Analysis of the databases shows that the Plecoptera are at a much better level of determination than the Ephemeroptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek plekos ‘wickerwork’ (from plekein ‘to plait’) + pteron ‘wing’.