Definition of plebiscitary in US English:



  • See plebiscite

    • ‘Watergate did nothing to change the plebiscitary nature of the presidency, in which the public's unrealistic expectations create tremendous pressures on presidents to deliver.’
    • ‘Twentieth-century totalitarians - fascists and communists - felt constrained to bow toward popular sovereignty with plebiscitary forms.’
    • ‘The Good Friday agreement's plebiscitary clauses in Northern Ireland are also rife with inflammatory possibilities, jeopardizing the losers' future.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the plebiscitary presidency is dependent upon the creation of ‘spectacles’ that encourage awestruck citizens to become passive spectators rather than active participants in politics.’
    • ‘Civil libertarians are decidedly a minority, yet their concerns were reflected in a way that suggests Congress is a less plebiscitary body than is usually supposed.’