Definition of pleasure-seeking in US English:



  • Seeking amusement or enjoyment.

    ‘a selfish, pleasure-seeking young man’
    • ‘What was always good about the Left in the '60s was that it was for the pleasure-seeking side.’
    • ‘For most of us life is a conciliation between our pleasure-seeking instincts and the voice of Reason.’
    • ‘Pleasure-seeking behaviours, on the other hand, did not make people happier.’
    • ‘At that time Montreal had a reputation as Sin City, where pleasure-seeking American tourists, banned from Cuba by Castro in 1959, turned for their thrills.’
    • ‘Large crowds of buyers, sellers and pleasure-seeking spectators attended the fayre.’
    • ‘Many more business, executive, and even pleasure-seeking travelers are choosing to travel first class.’
    • ‘He has the kindest of hearts but he's also aimless, dumb and pleasure-seeking.’
    • ‘Quite apart from any detrimental effect on visitor numbers to York, the assumption seems to be that there are two species of people, York residents and pleasure-seeking tourists.’
    • ‘The world is full of carefree, pleasure-seeking drifters.’
    • ‘He hit out at "pleasure-seeking" officials who had fallen into an "abyss of luxury and corruption".’