Definition of pleach in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective pleached
  • Entwine or interlace (tree branches) to form a hedge or provide cover for an outdoor walkway.

    ‘an avenue of pleached limes’
    • ‘In Ireland, don't even think about growing it unless you live in one of those hot pockets warmed by the Gulf Stream, where it should do well pleached on a warm sunny wall.’
    • ‘If space is really a problem, consider pleaching a pear tree against a south facing wall.’
    • ‘An avenue of pleached limes has the lowest branches springing out from the main stem a good 2m from the ground, allowing a clear view through the young trunks.’
    • ‘There are pleached trees laden with apples and a huge fig tree drips with almost-ripe fruit.’
    • ‘The sides of the bowl are defined with pleached linden trees and parterres of golden privet, santolina, althernanthera, Korean boxwood and red-leaf Japanese barberry with begonias, lantanas, fucshia and cone-shaped yew topiary.’
    • ‘You also might want to experiment with some specialized design techniques, such as using pruning to create a pleached tunnel of ironwood trees or a living fence of espalier currants.’
    • ‘The process included grafting and pleaching, as well as other specialist techniques he called ‘trade secrets.’’
    wind round, twist round, coil round, wrap round, weave, intertwine, interlink, interlace, interweave, interthread, criss-cross, entangle, tangle
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Late Middle English: from an Old French variant of plaissier (see plash).