Definition of playground in US English:



  • 1An outdoor area provided for children to play in, especially at a school or public park.

    • ‘He said the noise of fireworks had already begun and would continue through to December, with evidence of spent fireworks in school playgrounds and on public paths.’
    • ‘She runs over to the playground area then waits for Anny to give her a hand up the logs that surround the bark.’
    • ‘The firm located school playgrounds in an area accessible to everyone in the community.’
    • ‘The fat kid who wants to join the playground football game traditionally buys his admission with a ball.’
    • ‘Is it skate parks and playgrounds that youth have reclaimed as theirs?’
    • ‘Nowadays, schoolyards and community playgrounds and public parks are barren on a weekday afternoon.’
    • ‘Regarding the individual area development plan, does zoning provide for parks, playgrounds and shopping nearby?’
    • ‘If pupils wish to play with balls in the playground areas they must be tennis balls only.’
    • ‘Encourage the use of ground-level safe play areas, such as public parks and playgrounds.’
    • ‘The man's licence conditions were not to go to schools, public parks, playgrounds, swimming pools or leisure centres.’
    • ‘I remember not wanting to spend time there, due to the lack of a proper playground area to play in.’
    • ‘The species are found in gardens, parks, and school playgrounds across the UK, thus enabling everyone to take part in the survey wherever they live or work.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that many zones in the study area and in Jordan as a whole, lack the presence of green areas, parks, and playgrounds for children.’
    • ‘It brings together key people involved in providing holiday playschemes, or maintaining parks, school playgrounds or playing fields.’
    • ‘They were ubiquitous in my little world: in the school playgrounds and the parks, for example.’
    • ‘She reached the school playground area and was thankful it was deserted.’
    • ‘She added that, since the last competition, a skate park, playgrounds and a disabled walkway had been constructed.’
    • ‘We teach them while riding in safe areas away from traffic, such as school playgrounds, parks and open areas.’
    • ‘She said many parents in the area could not afford to put their children in play schemes for the holidays and playgrounds in the area were limited.’
    • ‘For the whole city of Chicago, the ratio was 507 people to each acre of public and private parks and playgrounds.’
    play area, park, playing field, recreation ground, amusement park
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    1. 1.1 A place where a particular group of people choose to enjoy themselves.
      ‘the mountains are a playground for hang gliders’
      • ‘It is not designed as a playground for the rich, but as a museum for the masses.’
      • ‘The riverside has long been a playground for Leeman Road lads, said Mr Newland, who is 62.’
      • ‘If Asmujo fails to find his inner self, then his solo exhibition is just a playground for him.’
      • ‘Is open source software a powerhouse for innovation or a playground for geeks?’
      • ‘The place would certainly have become a playground for every kind of nihilist and fundamentalist.’
      • ‘The brilliant playgrounds enjoyed by pupils at Burlington Infants School are enough to make you want to be three again.’
      • ‘The fort serves as a playground for the children, who hide in its ramparts and race along the walls.’
      • ‘For tax purposes, they are registered as living in Monaco, a playground for the Euro jet set.’