Definition of player piano in US English:

player piano


  • A piano fitted with an apparatus enabling it to be played automatically by means of a rotating perforated roll.

    • ‘There's a white piano giving ghostly player-piano recitals and the ‘Emotion Lab ‘, a room of surreal contraptions.’’
    • ‘The Pianola Piano consisted of a player-piano mechanism fitted to a Steinway, Weber, Steck or Stroud piano.’
    • ‘These decades also saw the birth of radio broadcasts and the increasing impact of older technologies such as the gramophone and player-piano: musical experience thus moved from the public arena to the home.’
    • ‘But like the case of the player-piano, perception becomes reality.’
    • ‘Gaddis had been working for years on a history of the player-piano, as a means of analysing technology and entertainment.’


player piano

/ˈpleɪər piˈɑnoʊ/