Definition of player in US English:



  • 1A person taking part in a sport or game.

    ‘a tennis player’
    • ‘Several players expressed grave concerns about the toll gambling could be taking.’
    • ‘Were you a footballer or a cricketer or a tennis player, something like that?’
    • ‘That makes it a wonderful opportunity to play against the best player the game has ever seen.’
    • ‘The hit from Boughner was just one of many collisions hockey players face every game.’
    • ‘Was he saying the Americans tried to put Brazil's top players out of the game?’
    • ‘Ndunda said morale was high in the squad ahead of the game tomorrow and the players were looking forward to the clash.’
    • ‘The class is designed to accommodate all athletes and sports players at suitable indoor training.’
    • ‘I know the NFL is trying to clean up the game a little bit, but they have to let the players play the game.’
    • ‘That said, the position still boasts some of the fiercest and most physical players in the game.’
    • ‘Skiba says that many football players now sport a garment called compression shorts.’
    • ‘The game is now a non-contact sport and yet players are spending a lot more time on the floor.’
    • ‘The idea is to get the players playing at game speed so they can get a feel for what is ahead.’
    • ‘No matter how important or intense the game, players are affected by events off the field.’
    • ‘He joins us this week on the Sports Factor to talk about the game, the players and what he's learned.’
    • ‘Perhaps the last player to juggle both sports was Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram.’
    • ‘Many water polo players get started by playing for a local club or high school team.’
    • ‘Most times, revenge in sports motivates a player for a few minutes or maybe a game.’
    • ‘It's a totally different spectacle from the one in which you have four evenly balanced players playing the team game.’
    • ‘Baseball is a sport and players need to decide whether they play the game for the love of the game or for economics.’
    • ‘In what other sport do the players line up at the end of a playoff series to shake hands?’
    • ‘We need to add players that play the game well, not wear Tom Brady jerseys to practice.’
    participant, contestant, competitor, contender, team member
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    1. 1.1 A person or body that is involved and influential in an area or activity.
      ‘the country's isolationism made it a secondary player in world political events’
      • ‘The harsh economic outlook for news broadcasters in the US has forced two of its leading players to the altar.’
      • ‘We occasionally discussed politics with the players from the south.’
      • ‘He has been at the forefront of a five-year artistic campaign which has seen Sheffield Theatres become a leading player on the national stage.’
      • ‘In a small place, a person of ability can be an influential player at 25.’
      • ‘Almost as interesting in our chart is the absence of some influential media players.’
      • ‘He had decided it was the only way he could become an influential player in the peace negotiations.’
      • ‘The FBI is trying to get permission, and money, to become a major player in the intelligence area.’
      • ‘He's always wanted to be a major player in lots of areas of retailing other than supermarkets and discount stores.’
      • ‘The POL together with the University of Namibia are the two most influential players in this regard.’
      • ‘Clubs like the Yankees and Red Sox are no longer the only players in the free-agent game.’
      • ‘But the financial authorities and the leading players on Wall Street stand ready to avert a meltdown.’
      • ‘An influential player on the American singer/songwriting scene, Ani Di Franco is no shrinking violet.’
      • ‘There have been a flurry of high-wire diplomatic activities among major players since.’
      • ‘Furthermore, Honda has emerged as a benchmark player in the area of flexible manufacturing.’
      • ‘Meet key players from all areas of the Radio 1 team and find out more about broadcasting from both sides of the mike.’
    2. 1.2informal A confident, successful man with many sexual partners.
      ‘she's so wary of playas, she's declared herself celibate’
      • ‘I offer the service of hauling your stuff up to the playa.’
      • ‘Sounds like you're the only 'playa' here.’
      • ‘Could the new James Bond be a real playa, like James has been in the past?’
      • ‘Because they're geeks at heart, not pimps or playas, right?’
      • ‘Probably the hardest hit with the news of the Montreal music implosion were former Montreal playas and scenesters now left picking up the pieces of their shattered lives.’
      • ‘She's just bitter cause she didn't have the goods to hook up with a real playa.’
      • ‘Not only is this a big seller with the wannabe gangstas, this gnome has gotten some street cred from real playas as well.’
  • 2A person who plays a musical instrument.

    ‘a guitar player’
    • ‘Sampson's skills as a composer and guitar player are admired throughout the area.’
    • ‘John Beanhoven, a famous orchestra player and composer, was conducting the music.’
    • ‘In musical conversations one player or other always tries to take the lead, play louder, push the pace.’
    • ‘He is an excellent songwriter, decent guitar player and superb singer, all of which are evident on this dynamic EP.’
    • ‘In the same year, he went from being a rehearsal keyboard player to a studio musician with the band.’
    • ‘Bass players are the musical glue that binds the world's great bands together.’
    • ‘Here his musical conversation with viola player Kim Kahkashian is like a voice spinning directly out of the unconscious.’
    • ‘Made up of a guitarist, a drummer, a bass player and an electronic pianist, the band will refresh and even relax you.’
    • ‘His family are all musical and Shane is an accomplished guitar player.’
    • ‘Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra double bass player Michael Fortescue will play at the event.’
    • ‘He is an avid composer, trumpet player and leader of small groups.’
    • ‘He literally danced his music into being, conducting his bass players, drummers and horn section with his hips.’
    • ‘He was an accomplished fiddle player and retained a fondness for music all his life.’
    • ‘Eddie was awesome, a really cool guy who was very talented - a great pianist and guitar player.’
    • ‘David Parkes was born in Dublin where his father was a popular band leader and trumpet player.’
    • ‘The band's keyboard player doubles on trumpet to shake things up a bit.’
    • ‘We teach the choir accompanists and band players who make school music programs a success.’
    • ‘Somewhere in the gardens a gamelan player spreads a musical spell, charming the moon to rise like a mirror out of the sea.’
    • ‘Joliveau is herself a soprano, Wolfe is a composer and woodwind player, and Smith plays the double bass.’
    • ‘He will be accompanied by Vinnie Kelly, accomplished singer and guitar player from Bekan.’
    musician, performer, instrumentalist, soloist, virtuoso, artist, artiste
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    1. 2.1 A device for playing recorded music or video.
      ‘an MP3 player’
      ‘a DVD player’
      • ‘People now want a phone that can switch easily from communication device to music player.’
      • ‘Curiously, the standard radio had a cassette but no CD player, so an upgrade here might be required as well.’
      • ‘This is protected not by a cap, but by a mechanism that allows it to slide into the body of the player.’
      • ‘The jog-dial has some resistance to it, so pushing it up and down is distinguishable from pushing it into the body of the player in order to make a menu selection.’
      • ‘It might include a flashlight, a book, and a cassette or CD player and story tape or CD.’
      • ‘Erica was listening to the music on her compact disc player as she drove.’
      • ‘They were connected to the timing device of a compact disc player designed to detonate them remotely.’
      • ‘He closed the door and switched on the lights before switching on his compact disc player.’
      • ‘In addition, a cassette or compact disc player may be placed within reach for listening to music or audio books.’
      • ‘The DVD player in a home theater system can separate the audio track into two, three or even five channels.’
      • ‘There are more TVs than there are people in my home, several video recorders and one DVD player.’
      • ‘An hour later, out would come a computer, a television set or a compact-disc player.’
      • ‘But you do get a lot of extra brightly coloured cassette tape players that eat batteries and break really easily.’
      • ‘A third option transforms the device into an audio player.’
      • ‘Most newer cars come with only a CD player, making a cassette adapter worthless.’
      • ‘Video stores also developed the policy of renting video players along with the cassettes.’
      • ‘Lasers in this category include those that operate laser printers and compact disc players.’
      • ‘The robbers made off with a video machine, two cellphones, a DVD player and several compact discs.’
      • ‘You may also want to buy a voice recorder for your MP3 player to record memorable moments.’
      • ‘Songs can then be copied to iPod players or burned onto compact disc.’
  • 3An actor.

    • ‘The most interesting characters were bit players Hector Elizondo and Sakina Jaffrey.’
    • ‘Let's call them chefs or actors, or players or whatever and leave them off the pedestal.’
    • ‘Pagliacci is set in a small town where a troupe of travelling players have arrived to present a comedy.’
    • ‘The other players, the spear carriers, come through when unexpected.’
    • ‘The group isn't quite at the level of Guest's players, but their performances never feel forced.’
    • ‘The loveliness of the location is matched by exceptionally attractive performances from the leading players.’
    • ‘There is a wealth of marvellous biographical detail here, with the leading players lit up in the full glare of the garish footlights.’
    • ‘The acting in this film is fine across the board, from lead actors to bit players.’
    • ‘The other players create characters suitable for the environment chosen.’
    • ‘We asked a group of these players about the makings of a good character actor.’
    • ‘The acting is top notch here, from the top name actors down to the character players.’
    • ‘On opening night, he alone of the main players managed a consistent performance.’
    • ‘Being good improv performers, the players just worked it into the scenes and kept on going.’
    • ‘I don't think there was any question about the players not wanting to perform.’
    • ‘There are two basic types of male film actor - leading men and character players.’
    • ‘The proceedings are distinguished by the sterling performances of the central players and an exceptional cast of guest stars.’
    actor, actress, performer, thespian, entertainer, artist, artiste, trouper
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