Definition of playable in US English:



  • 1Able to be used or played.

    ‘the game will be playable over the internet’
    ‘the organ was just about playable’
    ‘the CD is playable on your TV’
    • ‘The tight, slick production makes this easily playable at high volume without many gimmicky distractions.’
    • ‘The game looks absolutely amazing, but it's not very playable.’
    • ‘My goal now is to build the most playable guitar possible.’
    • ‘The piano part, in particular, was easily playable for the strong beginner with at least a few years of study.’
    • ‘Currently, we are working on a playable demo for potential publishers.’
    • ‘We played through a section of this level to ensure that our settings were playable in other graphic-intensive environments.’
    • ‘This is a real-time strategic war game with absolutely fantastic graphics, only it's not quite playable yet.’
    • ‘We found it had some issues importing video we'd grabbed from elsewhere, and it couldn't be used to create a playable DVD.’
    • ‘A system for handling sloppy input was also incorporated to make the game really playable with the analog stick.’
    • ‘We tried to find the best playable resolutions and settings for each game since this is essentially what you, the consumer, will be doing.’
    1. 1.1 (of a field, court, etc.) fit for playing on.
      ‘the newly completed second green will be playable soon’
      ‘we also made sure the course is playable in all types of weather’
      • ‘Just 10 feet in from the edge of the native grass stand is playable because the area received no water.’
      • ‘The course is tough, but very playable.’
      • ‘He proposes to move 30,000 yards of dirt to create a more playable hole.’
      • ‘Proprietors are looking to make the lanes playable so that scores are high.’
      • ‘It was playable last fall, but we're waiting until this year to open it up to the public.’
      • ‘Demands for a picturesque and playable turf in place by tourist season make waiting for appropriate seasonal temperatures an unrealistic option for most turf managers.’
      • ‘The greens are not playable, so there's no way the tournament can go ahead.’
      • ‘Perhaps the limits are pushed on occasion, but making grass tough, pretty, and playable is what they do.’
      • ‘Vegetation is lush, with oaks and marsh grasses edging the playable areas.’
      • ‘The results included manicured fairways that were extremely playable and visually attractive, with tighter striping for television.’
    2. 1.2 (of a ball in a game) able to be hit or kicked.
      ‘he had no idea the ball was playable’
      • ‘All the shots playable in the possible impact set constitute the possible shot set.’
      • ‘I tried to persuade the referee that it was still playable, but he wouldn't have any of it.’
      • ‘The team routinely extends opponents' innings by not reaching playable balls or botching plays that are ruled as hits.’
      • ‘The best players build swings that produce playable misses—the fewer the misses, and the better the misses are, the more consistent a player becomes.’
      • ‘It was playable, but the pro insists I must play the ball I declared provisional.’
      • ‘He hooked his drive into a hazard, but the ball was still playable.’
      • ‘He showed critical moments of indecision against playable lobs, allowing them to drop instead into the back corners from which he was forced into defensive play.’
      • ‘The 'squeeze ball', where a player places the ball under his body and then pushes it through his legs, must be playable immediately.’
      • ‘He discovered that his original ball was on the island and playable.’
      • ‘The hitter cracks a deep fly ball, playable down the left field line.’