Definition of play games in US English:

play games


  • Deal with someone or something in a way that lacks due seriousness or respect.

    ‘Don't play games with me!’
    • ‘None of us on this side of the House plays games when we are presented with serious propositions to defend the national interest.’
    • ‘I got the feeling that some of them were playing games with us.’
    • ‘It is also clear that she did play games - a good deal of trickery was employed.’
    • ‘Basically, he said, he was playing games, and fooling himself more than anyone else.’
    • ‘After another thwarted attempt at discourse, she finally snaps that he can't keep playing games with her.’
    • ‘They are the ones who are in the business of playing games and showing off.’
    • ‘It seems that they're still only playing games with you, but trust me there's more at stake than you know.’
    • ‘When the legislature laughs at him and starts playing games, he's not going to get it.’
    • ‘He said the teen was not playing games with the court and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.’
    • ‘You would think he'd have learned by this age that Olive is just playing games with his heart.’