Definition of play along in US English:

play along

phrasal verb

  • Pretend to cooperate.

    ‘she had to play along and be polite’
    • ‘At first she started to play along with him to calm him down, suggesting things.’
    • ‘I figured I could play along with the ‘just friends’ bit, then ply him with alcohol and take advantage of him.’
    • ‘When Sascha first told me he was a neuropsychologist, I thought he was joking, so I decided to play along with it and told him I was a nurse.’
    • ‘I'm dying to scream the truth out to everyone from the roof tops, yet I know I'll play along with this ridiculous charade.’
    • ‘Nicky, of course, was perfectly happy to play along with this.’
    • ‘Apparently the Germans played along in order to win time to reinforce their forces in Italy.’
    • ‘He now claims that he knew all the time that it was a sting and was just playing along, giving the reporters what they wanted in order to extract more information about their motives and identities.’
    • ‘I didn't want to play along with her stupid mind games anymore.’
    • ‘He took that opportunity to give Daphne a little wink to let her know that he would play along with whatever she decided to do.’
    • ‘I have no desire to play along with Kelly's little machinations.’
    cooperate, collaborate, play along, play the game, go along with the plan, show willing, be willing, help, lend a hand, assist, be of assistance, contribute, reciprocate, respond
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