Definition of play (or raise) hob in US English:

play (or raise) hob


North American
  • Cause mischief.

    • ‘But there's a non-obvious one, which is to say that it plays hob with my writing schedule, or at least it tries to.’
    • ‘Even more fun - fructose plays hob with the enzymes that ‘tell’ cells whether to burn fat or store it.’
    • ‘The pavement raises hob with them and seems to impart a grade of dirt which defies removal.’
    • ‘The cost of diverting waste can play hob with a private company's bottom line or a community's operating budget.’
    • ‘The wind raised hob, blew the door shut after him leaving our worthy president locked in the cellar.’
    • ‘The internal politics of getting things done has played hob with their scheduling.’
    • ‘They aren't going to be setting up camp for a weekend and raising hob with 15 of their good buddies.’
    • ‘The three-year recession and the constant lowering of interest rates to fight it are raising hob with pension funds.’
    • ‘A combination of intense travel and poor health have played hob with my schedule.’
    • ‘Digital cell phones have raised hob with hearing aids through electromagnetic interference.’