Definition of platoon sergeant in US English:

platoon sergeant


  • A noncommissioned officer in the US Army intermediate in rank between a staff sergeant and a first sergeant.

    • ‘He carried a wounded soldier to safety and then rushed to his platoon sergeant's tank, from which he fired the main gun until it jammed.’
    • ‘I was an infantry platoon sergeant during the Iraq war.’
    • ‘On this day, I lost a platoon sergeant and it was a devastating experience to many soldiers.’
    • ‘One platoon sergeant who we jokingly call ‘Grandpa’ is now actually starting to look like one.’
    • ‘As a new lieutenant, I had a platoon sergeant who'd been to combat several times who taught me that you can never train enough on certain tasks: shooting, moving, communicating, and operating in a complex environment.’
    • ‘Mark Sullivan, who played the fearsome platoon sergeant in Lad's Army, is to don his boots and beret again to run in Sunday's New York marathon.’
    • ‘I served for a little over 20 years in the Army as an armor soldier and leader, including time as a master gunner, staff puke, platoon sergeant, and facilitator for National Guard training.’
    • ‘My head was immersed in a fog, and I couldn't even understand the words coming out of the platoon sergeant's mouth as he pinned my new rank on me.’
    • ‘His platoon sergeant, Dennis Duell, knelt alone by the pile of mementos after the service.’
    • ‘My platoon sergeant (an avid hunter) liked to use special commercially-available lubricants that he knew worked better.’
    • ‘As the platoon sergeant from Lads' Army, he has become the face of the hit show.’
    • ‘My platoon sergeant had once served in the army of the United Kingdom, and I was a practicing civil engineer.’
    • ‘Secondly, interpreters should be readily available wherever possible to make sure that the troop leader, whether he be a general, a company commander or a platoon sergeant, can converse readily with the civilian population.’
    • ‘A frequent argument for not providing experience-based training opportunities is that real leadership teaching and learning begins in the unit under the watchful eye of a company commander or platoon sergeant.’
    • ‘The platoon leader is assisted by the support platoon sergeant, who is also the truck master of the transportation section.’
    • ‘Unlike other units the staff sergeants got along and worked cooperatively with their platoon sergeant instead of against him.’
    • ‘During a visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center earlier this year, Bush dropped in on Michael McNaughton, a platoon sergeant in the Louisiana National Guard who lost a leg when he stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘Shortly after setting up their platoon blocking position, 1st Platoon was hit with two 82 mm mortar rounds, wounding the platoon leader and platoon sergeant.’
    • ‘The Gunnery Sergeant will assist the platoon sergeant / chief of firing battery in executing his duties.’
    • ‘Lehew was a platoon sergeant for Company A, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Task Force Tarawa, during Operation Iraqi Freedom.’