Definition of platinum disk in English:

platinum disk


  • A framed disk of platinum awarded to a recording artist or group for sales of a recording exceeding one million copies (for albums) or two million copies (for singles)

    • ‘Take a look at a few hits and you realise that merely changing a couple of words can be the difference between a platinum disc and abject failure.’
    • ‘She is a handful of last-minute Christmas gifts away from scoring a double platinum disc for her latest album.’
    • ‘Eleanor Shanley was recently presented with a platinum disc for sales of over 15,000 copies of her new album ‘Eleanor Shanley and Friends’, by television and radio personality Marian Finucane.’
    • ‘Matthews, with several platinum discs under his belt, says that artists should rally round Napster.’
    • ‘Music director Vidyasagar, who has a number of hits to his credit too says he has not managed to record a platinum disc for quite some time.’
    • ‘Universal owes much of its success to American acts such as Eminem and Limp Bizkit, but Grainge's British roster also pulls its weight, to go by the platinum discs piled on his Hammersmith office floor (he's in the middle of redecorating).’
    • ‘On the other hand, many stars who can't count the number of their platinum discs don't always take their achievements seriously.’
    • ‘Passing along corridors bedecked with gold and platinum discs, we step around kitchen tables surrounded by people who look vaguely familiar.’
    • ‘In two years, the 21-year-old New Yorker seems to have achieved a mass acceptance that stretches far beyond platinum discs.’
    • ‘His current album, White Ladder, has been a massive hit in Ireland, staying at number one for six weeks last year and earning a platinum disc.’
    • ‘There was a special prize of a Westlife platinum disc which was donated by band member Mark Feehily.’
    • ‘On the day they were awarded their first platinum disc, Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley announced a city-wide Bangles Day.’
    • ‘The inaugural prizes take a leaf out of the record industry's book to mirror the use of gold and platinum discs for sales.’
    • ‘Bocelli has sold more than 50 million albums, and since 1997 he has achieved more platinum discs than any classical soloist in recording industry history.’
    • ‘Why hasn't Claire got Grammies and platinum discs coming out of her ears?’
    • ‘One day Rod's agent telephoned our house, wondering if I might exchange an authentic Scotland shirt for one of Rod's platinum discs.’
    • ‘The Commodores collected three platinum discs, in large part because of Richie songs like ‘Still’.’
    • ‘Sitting in her lounge, Willcox gestures at the gold and platinum discs on the wall and says: ‘I don't look back and I have no connection with who I was 20 years ago.’
    • ‘The reggae/country & western fusion topped the Jamaican music charts as well as other Caribbean music charts worldwide, earning Lodge gold and platinum discs in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘Three albums and multiple platinum discs into their career, there's no denying theirs is an impressive body of material.’