Definition of plating in English:



  • 1A thin coating of gold, silver, or other metal.

    • ‘High-strength steels generally are suitably protected from exfoliation corrosion by the application of organic finishes or metallic plating.’
    • ‘In addition, copper has a pleasing color, is nonmagnetic, and is easily finished by plating or lacquering.’
    • ‘Measurements are made with the coating or plating in place, results are unaffected by the substrate material, and overcoating the test sample is unnecessary.’
    • ‘All of these models were offered in basic blue, often Smith & Wesson's beautiful Bright Blue, and some fixed sighted models can be found finished with nickel plating.’
    • ‘We have also experimented with gilding with silver leaf, and plating in copper and nickel baths, then oxidizing the finish to achieve a rich patina.’
    • ‘Whatever elephants Montserratians were to be given there, the gold, silver or brass plating would be paid for by the budget of another government department.’
    • ‘An electric current is passed through the solution, which results in the deposition of a thin metal plating in the desired thickness on the cathode.’
    • ‘They were gold and bright, like the gold platings you sometimes find on fancy book covers like Bibles or Encyclopedias.’
    • ‘One Russian businessman even ordered an exact copy of a room at the palace of Versailles for his house in Knightsbridge, complete with identical cornices and plasterwork, as well as real gold leaf and plating.’
    • ‘It's a French-inspired piece with nickel plating.’
    • ‘Under the gold paint was actual gold plating over nickel plating.’
    • ‘The best-known cause of contact dermatitis is poison ivy, but there are many others, including chemicals found in laundry detergent, cosmetics, and perfumes, and metals like the nickel plating on a belt buckle.’
    • ‘The home accents are embellished with an antique effect with the help of a variety of plating like bronze, silver, nickel, chrome, pewter and black nickel.’
    • ‘Gravure is the costliest manufacturing process since the cylinder used requires copper plating and a special photochemical engraving or etching process.’
    • ‘Vapor phase coatings differ from platings in that it is neigh well impossible to plate aluminum or aluminum alloys from an aqueous bath.’
    • ‘One had a choice of either a high polish Bright Blue finish or nickel plating.’
    • ‘The machinery displayed include those for jewellery casting, rolling and chain making, refinery, etching and plating, gold testing and hand tools.’
    1. 1.1 The process of applying a thin coating of gold, silver, or other metal.
      • ‘Seminars on plating and total casting process are scheduled during these three days, he added.’
      • ‘The Factory Division, by far the largest, was subdivided by functional activities (pattern making, inspection, plating, tool making, grinding, etc.).’
      • ‘Notes on finishing touches and plating are included, illustrated by splendid pictures.’
  • 2An outer covering of broad, flattish sections, typically of metal.

    ‘the tractors carried steel plating for protection’
    • ‘The high position of the grille and the balanced use of chrome plating combine to create a powerful and impressive front face.’
    • ‘The steel plating is very fragile and probably won't survive many more seasons, especially with divers who insist on pulling themselves around on it.’
    • ‘Some of the outer plating has rotted away from the bow, revealing more of the torpedo tubes and the torpedo-loading hatches, both clearly closed.’
    • ‘One transparent catfish, Micromyzon, has thick bones and armor plating but is among the tiniest of freshwater fish: an adult specimen carrying eggs measured just one-third of an inch long.’
    • ‘The missing plating in the lower section was replaced with glass of a close match.’
    • ‘Finished in red and white livery with a profusion of chrome plating, the Dodge was imported to Britain from an American collection before being subjected to a three-year restoration.’
    • ‘Saab obligingly knocked out a real life model complete with armour plating, steel ramming bumpers and oxygen masks.’
    • ‘He was dressed all in black and wore a vest of metal plates, much like the Terran design but this armor's plating was thinner and almost seemed to give off a white light as it moved.’
    • ‘Chunks of the Discovery's armour plating flake off and spin away.’
    • ‘Even the heavy accent on chrome plating which is so characteristic of genuine choppers is absent in the Indian versions.’
    • ‘My body spasmed uncontrollably as I landed hard on the cold steel plating of the floor, and everything turned black.’
    • ‘The company has emerged as a leader in polishing and chrome plating of alloy wheels and other components for the auto industry.’
    • ‘Along with this there were at least three feet of standard outer plating around the ship that were made of special ceramics that were designed to be proof against the cold and vacuum of space.’
    • ‘We immediately put a closure order on river traffic and new metal plating was brought in within hours to effect temporary repairs.’
    • ‘Doctor, we've just finished putting all the outer plating in its place.’
    • ‘Cadillac recently announced that it will be offering a fully armored model with bulletproof windows and steel plating.’
    • ‘Explosive shells caused such extensive damage to a wooden hull that first armor plating and eventually steel hulls were adopted.’
    • ‘He didn't have the meters of thick ablative hull plating that warships carried.’
    • ‘And there on a section of plating on her bow were the letters ‘U’, ‘M’ and ‘E’.’
    • ‘Fabric covered steel plating provides increased ballistic protection in the cockpit and cabin.’
  • 3The process of knitting two yarns together so that each yarn appears mainly on one side of the finished piece.