Definition of platform game in US English:

platform game


  • A type of video game featuring two-dimensional graphics in which the player controls a character jumping or climbing between solid platforms at different positions on the screen.

    • ‘It was also the first single world, adventure-style platform game that I know of.’
    • ‘This is an unremarkable platform game and only distinguishes itself by its interesting power-ups and incredible difficulty.’
    • ‘The lively platform game is based on the upcoming Warner Bros. action movie of the same name and includes six diversely themed environments, all inspired by the film's wild locations.’
    • ‘However, as we began fleshing out the characters and the story, we realized that the game was much more appropriate as a console platform game.’
    • ‘What is your vision for the game and what do you believe are the important ingredients for success within a platform game?’


platform game