Definition of plater in US English:



  • See plate

    • ‘Mr Jowett, a plater by trade who had worked all over the country, had been there the longest - just a week.’
    • ‘Wark's job as a plater is to cut and shape the steel, while McArdle's is to put the structure in place on the berth before the welders come along and join the steel blocks together.’
    • ‘Boulton was among the first platers to adopt the sterling silver thread process, invented by Roberts and Cadman, by which a silver wire was soldered to edges to hide the raw copper that would otherwise show through.’
    • ‘Millions of consumer electronics devices - mobile phones, PDAs, PVRs, and DVD platers - are already running on stripped-down embedded versions of Linux.’
    • ‘Both sides were plated using my metal circle, with the help of my beloved assistant plater.’