Definition of plate armor in US English:

plate armor


  • Protective armor of metal plates, especially as worn in medieval times by mounted knights.

    • ‘Hearts of oak have become as obsolete as knights in plate armour, and the leviathan protectors of trade are themselves too vulnerable.’
    • ‘By 1410, a fully-articulated, individually tailored, and stylistically uniform harness of moulded plate armour covered the whole body of every Latin knight.’
    • ‘He was decked out in full plate armour, and held a sword longer than mine in either hand.’
    • ‘The manufacture of metal plate armour involves a similar process and range of skills as that involved in the making of helmets.’
    • ‘She was tall and proud, dressed in silver plate armor.’
    • ‘The crossbow was really the first hand-held weapon that could be used by an untrained soldier to injure or kill a knight in plate armour.’
    • ‘Marks reared upwards, examining his gray robe and plate armor.’
    • ‘Light plate armour covered his body, the steel grey a complement to the dark sapphire of his wing feathers.’
    • ‘Knights in full plate armour will show their skills in hand-to-hand combat.’
    • ‘His sharp ears picked up the gentle, almost inaudible rustle of her skirt and the faint clink of her light plate armor.’
    • ‘This sparked the development of articulated plate armour, and ultimately to a breakthrough in the trouser department.’
    • ‘His heavy plate armour clanked as he waved his shield arm and brandished a huge spiked mace.’
    • ‘The tale is a legend, so who cares if the knights in Excalibur wear suits of plate armor that weren't invented for hundreds of years?’
    • ‘Kaerin inspected the men, each one was wearing shiny silver coloured plate armour, each one had a shield strapped to their back and a long sword buckled at their waists.’
    • ‘He was dressed in archaic plate armour and a long white cloak, which was held around his shoulders by a fine gold clasp.’
    • ‘The Knight, encased in plate armour, was heavy, but Doremi was able to drag him out to safety.’
    • ‘It was only after 1250 with the advent of plate armour that swords with truly sharp points began to appear.’
    • ‘It is a myth that this plate armour was heavy and that it limited a man's mobility.’
    • ‘The scales themselves are amazingly resilient and can stand up to all forms of punishment, taking about as much as a mail or even a good set of plate armour.’
    • ‘They will wear 80 lb of full plate armour to fight with a pollaxe - a long double-handed staff with an axe-like blade.’


plate armor

/plāt ˈärmər/