Definition of plastique in US English:



  • 1Plastic explosive.

    • ‘With the amount of plastique they had used, there was zero chance for survival.’
    • ‘Valkyrie Three crept forward toward the stairwell door and placed a small stick of plastique polymer explosive.’
    • ‘Very slowly grind the crystals that form and mix with slightly warm wax and you have some nice plastique.’
    • ‘The entire edge and frame of the door was rigged with high-explosive plastique so powerful it would rip the frame open like a can-opener.’
    • ‘In it, there is a laptop with speech recognition software, and the rest of the pack is filled with C4 plastique explosives.’
    • ‘Shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles pulverize fast movers as readily as plastique tears open tanks.’
    • ‘She had just barely leaped to safety as the building exploded, the antique plastique explosive blasting metal shards from the building into the trees they were hiding behind.’
    • ‘The Hagensen Sack was a waterproof canvas sack filled with plastique explosives with a length of primacord sticking out.’
    • ‘Troy grimly thumbed the detonator as a trio of eager gunrunners raced forward with what looked like shaped charges of plastique.’
    • ‘The receiver recognized the radio signal and sparked the blasting cap, which in turn triggered the plastique.’
    • ‘Then I'd set off the plastique charge in the junction box, and lead us out of here with night vision glasses.’
    • ‘I already know how to make plastique out of common household chemicals.’
    • ‘This group, whoever they are, had a lot of time and funding in order to plan the smuggling and detonation of one thousand pounds of plastique.’
    • ‘There's a small barely audible thud as the plastique knocks the lock off the door.’
  • 2Statuesque poses or slow graceful movements in dancing.

    1. 2.1 The art or technique of performing plastique.


Late 19th century (in sense plastique (sense 2)): French, literally ‘plastic’ (adjective used as a noun).