Definition of plastic arts in US English:

plastic arts

plural noun

  • Art forms that involve modeling or molding, such as sculpture and ceramics, or art involving the representation of solid objects with three-dimensional effects.

    • ‘I think particularly writers - and artists too, people in the plastic arts - feel that they're part of an aristocracy that is aloof to all of these considerations.’
    • ‘Many avant-garde filmmakers had migrated from the plastic arts, and through their careers continued parallel projects in multiple mediums.’
    • ‘The National Museum and Art Gallery promotes local artists, and hosts annual exhibits of Western-style plastic arts and traditional crafts.’
    • ‘I try to make use of all kinds of art, including film and the plastic arts, especially still life.’
    • ‘Such writing on objects was frequent, though rarer in the plastic arts after c. 475 bc.’
    • ‘He acknowledges that one should not push the analogy too far, but he persists in his search for parallels in the painted and plastic arts.’
    • ‘He suggested that the university should arrange for a symposium featuring a panel of invited guests who would discuss ‘the role of the plastic arts in the design of a campus.’’
    • ‘It would be wrong, as all of the performing and plastic arts plainly show us, to think that the study of the liberal arts frees us from matter or flesh so that we can become spiritual or unearthly.’
    • ‘Associating Vienna more with music than modern art, it was a revelation to find the city Europe's most vibrant powerhouse of contemporary plastic arts.’
    • ‘It seems to be centred on the graphic rather than the plastic arts.’
    • ‘In addition, starting in March, St Lucian teachers and artistes will be trained in the areas of dance, drama, graphic and plastic arts, lighting and sound engineering.’
    • ‘The advent of MTV introduced a different variety of female images from familiar representational forms of the plastic arts or of Hollywood movies.’
    • ‘Though it is rooted in the music of the black diaspora, I believe its closest correlation can be found in the African plastic arts themselves.’
    • ‘He broadens his focus on the medieval period to include the plastic arts in his dancing.’
    • ‘If the plastic arts are central to historic Catholicism, arts centered on the Word are characteristic of the Reformation.’
    • ‘Apollinian power is associated with the creation of illusion - the plastic arts deny the actuality of becoming with the illusion of timeless beauty.’
    • ‘Formally, the show takes into account the contemporary trends in style that keep pace with the trends in the plastic arts.’
    • ‘Despite his decision to make a budgetary commitment to the plastic arts concept, implementation of the concept remained undefined and unaccomplished for many more months.’
    • ‘The contemporary art collection, exhibited on level 4, includes works in the plastic arts, architecture and design from the 1960s to the present.’
    • ‘The core of the book draws on recent theologians of aesthetics, to offer a transformative, reintegrative view of the visual and plastic arts, those most directly rooted in material sensuality.’


plastic arts

/ˈplæstɪk ɑrts/