Definition of plastery in US English:



  • See plaster

    • ‘Olitski's Tiresias View, with its incised creamy acrylic, recalls a parched river bed, while Noel's The Gate of Dawn, with its white on-white bands and plastery striations, looks like glacier-scraped stone.’
    • ‘I realize that I will have to remove the plastery surface to see how the layers and folds of the papyrus relate.’
    • ‘I'm watching the mouse and the mouse is watching me, and I can smell the dust and the sainfoin and the cool plastery smell, and I'm up the Amazon, and it's bliss, pure bliss.’
    • ‘He has invented a novel kind of plastery surface - sanded joint compound on panel - which he uses to evocative effect.’
    • ‘I've partially moved out of my plastery noisy house to stay with my friend whose roommate is away for a week or so.’