Definition of plaster saint in US English:

plaster saint


  • A person who makes a show of being without moral faults or human weakness, especially in a hypocritical way.

    ‘she is no plaster saint—she acknowledges her faults and is quick to ask forgiveness’
    • ‘First, because I think it is very important to view the great men in our past as real people, not as plaster saints.’
    • ‘He's no plaster saint (like the rest of us).’
    • ‘This is absurd, of course, but it is also unfair to Washington, who is less of a plaster saint and therefore more interesting than his biographer makes him out to be.’
    • ‘As you might have heard, I'm leaving the Guardian next year for the Times, having finally been convinced that my evil populist philistinism has no place in a publication read by so many all-round, top-drawer plaster saints.’
    • ‘I wonder if the Ecuadorian workers she helped back in the '60s would have bridled at being portrayed as plaster saints if a movie had ever been made about them.’
    • ‘We were all trying to be as solicitous of her family as we possibly could, without making her a plaster saint, which is not very realistic.’
    • ‘Were these people plaster saints - super-Christians who lived their whole lives surfing the clouds, drop-kicking demons, and laughing at temptation?’
    sanctimonious person, pietist, whited sepulchre, humbug, pretender, deceiver, dissembler, impostor
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plaster saint

/ˈplæstər seɪnt/