Definition of plasmolyze in US English:


(British plasmolyse)


[with object]Botany
  • Subject to plasmolysis.

    • ‘TBO staining of sections in epoxy resin of stage four nodosities induced by isolate SRU-1 showed that cells through which the stylet had passed were plasmolysed.’
    • ‘These cells also appeared to have their fluorescence emissions concentrated into a smaller area of the cell than was the case for cells with higher photosynthetic efficiencies, suggesting that they may have become plasmolysed.’
    • ‘Cells were plasmolysed 30 min prior to observation.’
    • ‘In other experiments, we plasmolyzed cells in 50% saturated sucrose before microscopy.’
    • ‘Orchid flowers are renowned for their longevity and remain open for several weeks during which time their cells constantly lose water to the atmosphere and may become plasmolysed.’