Definition of plasmalemmal in US English:



  • See plasmalemma

    • ‘Its determination is equivalent to measuring the whole-cell currents of a plasmalemmal channel system and provides important information on the voltage-controlled gating of the [Ca.sup.2 +] release channels in the SR.’
    • ‘Caveolins are the main structural proteins of glycolipid/cholesterol-rich plasmalemmal invaginations, termed caveolae.’
    • ‘The exclusion of extracellularly placed hydrophilic, fluorescent dye molecules of various sizes have frequently been used to determine the existence of a barrier (often called a ‘seal’) after plasmalemmal injury.’
    • ‘The undulating plasmalemmal invaginations have been reported to be unique to brown adipose tissue and hibernomas.’
    • ‘Ultrastructural examination of the tumor in case 2 revealed pleomorphic mitochondria with dense matrices and transverse lamellar cristae, micropinocytotic vesicles, and periodic short plasmalemmal densities.’