Definition of plasmalemma in US English:



  • A plasma membrane which bounds a cell, especially one immediately within the wall of a plant cell.

    • ‘A mechanosensitive Ca 2 + channel is shown linking the cell wall to the plasmalemma so that relative movement between them, or between the former and the cytoskeleton, could open the channel.’
    • ‘Folding of the plasmalemma and the formation of multiple small vesicles between the cell wall and the plasmalemma were observed.’
    • ‘It is, therefore, most unfortunate that little is known of them except that they appear to be gated by tension and link the cell wall to the plasmalemma and possibly the cytoskeleton.’
    • ‘Net glucose loss from live cells would have been limited by the intact plasmalemma, cell metabolism and simultaneous glucose uptake.’
    • ‘The unstained region around the periphery of most cells was almost certainly an artefact of plasmolysis, indicated by occasional contact points between plasmalemma and cell wall plasmodesmata.’


1920s: from plasma + Greek lemma ‘rind’.