Definition of plasma TV in US English:

plasma TV

(also plasma television)


  • A television set with a plasma screen, usually larger and much thinner than a conventional set, and often designed to be mounted on a wall.

    • ‘The first home plasma TVs were $15 - 20,000.’
    • ‘Rachael said it has still got three smaller rooms, with a sports room boasting a plasma TV.’
    • ‘Plasma TVs are also slimmer (only a few inches thick) which makes them much more flexible.’
    • ‘The plasma TV has become a symbol of our current prosperity.’
    • ‘The only recourse I had was fiddling with the antenna (plasma TVs are too thin to pound).’
    • ‘The raiders caused thousands of pounds worth of damage before stealing electrical items including plasma televisions and hi-fi equipment.’
    • ‘He is said to have then upgraded to working from his bedroom, offering cheap plasma televisions to customers via a fake website company.’
    • ‘In a brightly lit room, however, an LCD TV can actually look better than a good plasma TV.’
    • ‘And unlike conventional television models, there are no scan lines on plasma televisions, so the picture is much sharper.’
    • ‘Inside every mobo there's a plasma TV just itching to break out.’
    • ‘I worry a bit about the plasma TV screen in the bar.’
    • ‘The standard of bedrooms is particularly high in Brooks, and some of the new rooms even have plasma TV in bedroom and bathroom.’
    • ‘LCD has a higher native resolution than plasma TVs of the same size.’
    • ‘Talking of nightmares, this shelf unit for my new 42-in plasma TV has got me at my wits' end.’
    • ‘Multiple big-screen plasma TVs provide sight lines from all parts of the bar.’
    • ‘He remained passionate about rugby and cricket and enjoyed watching sport on his 42-in plasma television screen.’
    • ‘The most expensive of the new sets was the 50-inch NEC plasma TV, costing £4,130, including installation.’
    • ‘Unlike the pixels found in plasma TVs, LCD monitors create color by blocking out the appropriate wavelengths from white light.’
    • ‘Once a week, my friend Barney and I position ourselves in front of his abnormally large plasma television shortly before 9 p. m.’
    • ‘Inside was an extremely comfortable looking king-sized bed, and a plasma television.’