Definition of plasma screen in US English:

plasma screen


  • A flat display screen using an array of cells containing a gas plasma to produce different colors in each cell.

    • ‘A giant plasma screen is used to give the illusion that everyone is sitting around the same table, allowing them to make direct eye contact and observe each other's body language.’
    • ‘A plasma screen will be located directly in front of them which can be adjusted to a desired height level.’
    • ‘He said redesigning the waiting area, including new lighting and better patient information via a plasma screen, had also improved behaviour.’
    • ‘The images in question were both in print form and displayed on a plasma screen at the foot of the staircase on the left.’
    • ‘You can record Big Brother remotely and watch it when you get back on the cinema screen, the plasma screen in the bath, or in bed.’
    • ‘There is also live sport on the big screen, with eight small TVs and a plasma screen dotted around this tardis-like pub offering individual viewing.’
    • ‘The standard stone could be graced with a small LCD TV while a more extravagant mausoleum might be equipped with a high-definition plasma screen.’
    • ‘Part of the bookcase is in fact a giant plasma screen with pictures of books.’
    • ‘For instance, you can view your hot spots through a heat sensitive camera connected to a plasma screen.’
    • ‘A plasma screen screening the tourism films on Kerala was also a novel experience for those who have never seen or known Kerala.’
    • ‘On the opposite wall to my left hung a gigantic plasma screen displaying a frenzied montage of flitting text and graphics.’
    • ‘The results are displayed on a large plasma screen at the cleansing department depots in Harris Street, Bradford, and Stockbridge, Keighley.’
    • ‘He was sat at an architect's desk with a laptop, wearing wraparound shades, and having his words projected on to a plasma screen behind him while a small audience watched.’
    • ‘Setting across from it was a white dresser and a flat plasma screen to the right of it.’
    • ‘Inside, a giant plasma screen depicts a scene from the virtual reality computer game he has spent the last two years and £1m of his own money creating.’
    • ‘A zany mix of 40 microspeakers in a single horizontal column, it fits neatly under a plasma screen or television.’
    • ‘Basically, we have got a plasma screen hooked up here, but we have to use this monitor, because it doesn't work with a plasma screen.’
    • ‘I personally am not buying a plasma screen at this price today, because the features I want are not there in screens costing less than four or five thousand pounds.’
    • ‘We briefly consider helping out by setting up a huge plasma screen outside parliament showing back-to-back episodes of Trisha, but budgetary constraints intervene.’
    • ‘There is even an artificial pond, with a plasma screen showing images of koi carp.’


plasma screen