Definition of plant louse in US English:

plant louse


  • A small bug that infests plants and feeds on the sap or tender shoots, especially an aphid.

    Several families in the series Sternorrhyncha, suborder Homoptera

    • ‘During the autumn months, homeowners with hackberry trees often become annoyed by large populations of adult jumping plant lice or psyllids.’
    • ‘While growing succeeded there for decades, a plague of the plant louse phylloxera, followed by Prohibition and then the Depression, set the region back for years.’
    • ‘Aphids, or plant lice, are small green, pink, or mealy-white insects that attack many plants.’
    • ‘But then the plant louse called phylloxera hit most of Europe and ruined the vineyard, which lay fallow for decades.’


plant louse

/ˈplant ˌlous/