Definition of plant life in US English:

plant life


  • Plants collectively, especially those native to a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

    ‘the teeming plant life of Hawaii’
    ‘the high water kills encroaching plant life’
    • ‘Because of her interest in nature, including her love of plant life, she majored in plant genetics and minored in fine art at the University of California in Berkeley.’
    • ‘In these areas, rare and endangered species of animals, birds, and plant life are preserved and protected.’
    • ‘For many people, plant life is generally seen to be quiet, and beautiful, and tame.’
    • ‘If you would like to help in building up this important new picture of how our plant life is changing at a local level, please see our website.’
    • ‘It is locked into an unsustainable system that has seen the imperilling of numerous species of songbird, mammals, and fish, as well as a host of wildflowers and other plant life.’
    • ‘The sheer scale of it is impressive, it's colourful, it has interesting plant life all over the shop, and the cafe sells some impressively edible pasta.’
    • ‘During construction, they took special care to temporarily relocate plant life for its own protection.’
    • ‘A man crouched low in the thick bushes that were prevalent throughout the forest; he did not yet want to be seen, and the excess of plant life provided the needed concealment.’
    • ‘With the fluctuations, the high water kills encroaching plant life and keeps the shore clear on other years.’
    • ‘He also had 236 acres of extensive woodland, as well as heath land on the West Down ensuring a "rich variety of plant life and animals".’