Definition of plane table in US English:

plane table


  • A surveying instrument used for direct plotting in the field, with a drawing board and pivoted alidade.

    • ‘Instead of the horizontal circle, use only a plane table or board whereon a large sheet of parchment or paper may be fastened.’
    • ‘Using a plane table and alidade to ensure a horizontal surface, they established nine stations, each 3.56 m apart, in a 3 × 3 grid.’
    • ‘Photographs of two inscriptions on the plane table, the inscription on the stone seat and the working party on the site on 7 October 2002 are in the photo supplement and can all be enlarged for easy reading.’
    • ‘Then there were his surveying tools: theodolite, plane table, brass scales, parallel ruler.’
    • ‘They used the instruments of the surveyor that have been used for centuries, including a handsome plane table Bill had made himself.’