Definition of plancher in US English:



  • 1A floor of planks or boards (now English regional (East Anglian)). Formerly also: †a platform of planks (obsolete).

  • 2A wooden plank, a board; (also, collectively) planking, boarding. Now English regional (East Anglian).

  • 3In France: the minimum amount of currency in Treasury bills which banks are obliged to hold.


Middle English; earliest use found in Exchequer Accounts. From Anglo-Norman plancher, planchier, plauncher, plauncheour floor, and Old French, Middle French plancher, planchier planking, flooring, floor of a house, ceiling, roof, the floor of a cavity in the body from planche + -er, -ier. Compare post-classical Latin planchera plank, planking, flooring.