Definition of plainness in US English:



  • See plain

    • ‘The food of Tarazona is known for its almost austere plainness; this has been tempered lately by chefs who have brought an elegance to their cooking.’
    • ‘In the weaker poems, the effect is wishful and mechanical, but there are many moments of startling illumination, and these are made more powerful by the seeming plainness and directness of his manner.’
    • ‘The 1961 band spoke with a common plainness of purpose.’
    • ‘As in some of the palazzi of the High Renaissance, the plainness and heaviness of the ground floor, whose arches were open to the elements until 1862, makes a marked and deliberate contrast to the sculptural richness above.’
    • ‘And yet that tradition's peculiar virtues - understatement, plainness, a willingness to explain one's ideas - create the effects here which will surprise Americans most.’