Definition of plain weave in US English:

plain weave


  • A common and basic style of weave in which the weft alternates over and under the warp.

    • ‘Damask, a jacquard weave, is a reversible rich weave, patterned in satin or plain weave.’
    • ‘The glazed plain weave fabrics in nos.789, 816, and 818 may be examples of cambric, also used as a lining.’
    • ‘Percale is a plain weave of cotton or polyester/cotton blended yarns.’
    • ‘China silk is a lightweight fabric with sheen and plain weave.’
    • ‘Silk Broadcloth is a plain weave silk in various weights; crisper than china silk.’
    • ‘The front of quilt no.801 is made from brown and tan-colored twills while the pieced back is made from plain weave cottons with a few twills mixed in.’
    • ‘Certainly, several 18th-century treatises on the art of painting suggest that portraits are better done on a twill canvas because the diagonal patterns are more flattering to the face than the square shapes of a plain weave.’
    • ‘‘We will start with plain weave, and make it fine, for warm weather will soon be here, and we will want lighter cloth for clothes,’ she said.’
    • ‘The machinery looked complex, but what it actually did was simple enough: the looms were two-harness ones running plain weave cloth.’
    • ‘For example, Italy-based Sinpel srl (Saver USA) offered a plain weave reversed to a slick, coated fabric, and another Italian firm, Artea-G. Crespi srl, highlighted reversible techno fabrics in contrasting colors.’
    • ‘Only the back of quilt no.816 is pieced from long strips of plain weave cotton in colors ranging from tan to yellow to brown.’
    • ‘Challis, a light weight soft wool in plain weave, has a printed or woven design or flowers.’
    • ‘Outing flannel is a soft, twill or plain weave fabric napped on both sides.’