Definition of placement in US English:



  • 1The action of putting someone or something in a particular place or the fact of being placed.

    ‘the proper placement of microphones’
    • ‘An empty room makes it easier to hang artwork, said Reis, but it's impossible to gauge proper height and placement.’
    • ‘Microphone placement also seems to vary on the piano selections.’
    • ‘This will give you proper placement so that the finishing nails will not puncture through the cabinet.’
    • ‘The proper placement of art in a home should also reflect the client's connection to the piece.’
    • ‘Its proper placement is yet to be determined by a more complete taxonomic sampling.’
    • ‘Check fire regulations for the type needed in your work area and to determine proper placement.’
    • ‘In addition to making the injection itself less painful, the anesthetic can help verify proper placement of the needle.’
    • ‘Proper placement of a permanent mirror in your home can help you look down a hallway before you have to stick your head in.’
    • ‘With proper colony placement and sampling, gradient maps of the distribution of chemical or biological materials can be produced.’
    • ‘The placement was arranged through Bank of Ireland's corporate division.’
    • ‘The surgeon passes the endoscope through the tube and inspects and confirms proper placement of the tunnel before proceeding.’
    • ‘Bolt Rite fasteners assist in the proper placement of anchor bolts in wet concrete.’
    • ‘In that letter he stated the restrictions, ‘To facilitate proper work placement of this employee’.’
    • ‘So it's the radio promoters going into places like Fort Wayne, Indiana and making sure you're getting the proper placement.’
    • ‘For proper placement of deadlifts in your back routine, see the beginner's and advanced back-routine charts.’
    • ‘This increases the security of the tube and ensures proper placement; minimizing trauma to mucus membranes.’
    • ‘For proper placement, hoop and stitch the design before cutting the rectangle.’
    • ‘Some students chose to continue with their placement despite the fact that CECS cancelled the credit for it.’
    • ‘But proper placement of such tracks is also important to him.’
    • ‘Use of a large needle facilitates proper suture placement.’
    positioning, placing, putting in place, arrangement, position, arranging, deployment, location, disposition, disposal, emplacement, installation, install, stationing
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    1. 1.1 The action of finding a home, job, or school for someone.
      ‘a baby put up for adoption may wait up to three years or more for placement’
      ‘a placement in a special school’
      • ‘Even more surprisingly, it seemed as if many of the would-be actors were actually getting placements from the agent.’
      • ‘Some innovative states, such as Kansas and Michigan, have tied foster care payments to the speed with which agencies find permanent placements for children.’
      • ‘These organizations, as well as private donors, sponsored students through their studies and some provided job placements between academic terms.’
      • ‘Few, if any, studies in special education have taken a broad look at the social contexts and special education placements experienced by large numbers of urban youth with mental health problems.’
      • ‘Additionally, some educational facilities require that a central office approve student internship placements.’
      • ‘The overspend is largely due to the high cost of looking after children in foster care or specialist placements.’
      • ‘Are referred students placed in special education, and what are the outcomes of those placements?’
      • ‘Employees can take this leave upon the birth or adoption of a child or the placement of a foster child.’
      • ‘In both cases the placements tend to involve children with special needs.’
      • ‘The school's deputy head teacher said if the specialist bid was successful youngsters could take part in placements at businesses at the park.’
      • ‘Since then we've had a variety of placements for long-term prisoners nearing the end of their sentences.’
      • ‘Mr. Markey also welcomed the changes in the placement arrangements, which he said would address the current inequities where some students had to do nine-month placements while others had to do no placement at all.’
      • ‘In the past month, the office made 12 placements.’
      • ‘Special-education placements did increase nationally, just not in any systematic way suggestive of a relationship to state accountability.’
      • ‘It may be that the only recourse for parents of severely dyslexic children is to make representations for placements at independent specialist schools, two of which are within daily travelling distance of Swindon.’
      • ‘Specialising in supporting employment placements, Remploy Interwork already operates in partnership with more than 2,500 businesses throughout the UK.’
      • ‘The New York Evening Post charged that the NYBVE was more interested in securing speedy job placements than in maximizing the range of opportunities available to retrained veterans.’
      • ‘Students with other special education placements were excluded from the analysis.’
      • ‘Some companies arrange placements and courses for volunteers to develop skills in towns whilst others send volunteers to remote rural but areas of the Tanzania.’
      • ‘Traders in Cleckheaton are being offered the help of special-needs teenagers on work placements.’
    2. 1.2American Football
      another term for placekick
    3. 1.3American Football The act of holding the ball for a placekick.
      • ‘This will also have an affect of creating a non-trapping placement of the ball.’
      • ‘I'm watching my mechanics, my ball placements, my decision-making.’
      • ‘His ball placement and timing have improved, and he's completing more deep passes than a year ago.’
      • ‘With him, a team may have changed his ball placement and delivery.’
      • ‘He has been solid as a punter and flawless in handling snaps and getting the ball down on placements.’