Definition of place card in US English:

place card


  • A card bearing a person's name and used to mark their place at a dining or meeting table.

    ‘she swapped place cards at dinner to avoid sitting next to him’
    • ‘According to the manners guru, place cards are used at formal and informal dinners for more than eight to help guests locate their seats.’
    • ‘The chamber's opulent dining table, an imposing creation of carved mahogany, had been laid out with place cards indicating where a select group of people should be seated.’
    • ‘Set each piece with a chocolate bunny and a purchased place card dressed up with delicate floral stickers.’
    • ‘A package of hand-designed wedding invitations, thank-you cards, RSVP cards, menus and place cards from Prestige Colour worth £250 will add a personal touch’
    • ‘Once the announcement is made, the crowd of people quickly makes their way to the rows of tables and there is some confusion as people try to find their place card.’
    • ‘Cut equal-sized pieces of card and fold them in two, to use as place cards.’
    • ‘There were place cards with calligraphy situated in front of each chair, and even the chairs had the tiniest bit of tasteful crepe paper entwined around the backs.’
    • ‘While you cook, have your child create special place mats, place cards or a decorative centerpiece for the holiday table.’
    • ‘Add natural pine cones holding hand written name place cards.’
    • ‘An elegant buffet, place card seatings, and conversation with guests with music in the background, are part of the rehearsal for future outside contact.’


place card

/ˈpleɪs ˌkɑrd//ˈplās ˌkärd/