Definition of PK in English:


  • Psychokinesis.

Definition of Pk in English:


  • 1Park.

  • 2Peak.

  • 3Peck(s)

Definition of pK in English:



  • A figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution of a weak electrolyte in a similar way to pH, equal to log₁₀K where K is the dissociation (or ionization) constant of the electrolyte.

    • ‘In the yeast variant, the apparent pK of the alkaline transition is an intermediate value between the pKs of two ionizations.’
    • ‘With SCCE 40% of the pKs are in error by this amount and 7% have errors greater than 4 pH units.’
    • ‘In addition, several residues take heavy atom conformations different from that found in the protein data file at some point in the pH titration, and these have significant impact on calculated pKs.’
    • ‘The average experimental residue pKs are slightly stabilized relative to what is found in small peptides with a modest standard deviation.’
    • ‘The pKs were calculated using a modified Tanford-Kirkwood pK algorithm.’


From p as in pH and K representing a constant.