Definition of pizzeria in English:



  • A place where pizzas are made or sold; a pizza restaurant.

    • ‘The patties are familiar to New Yorkers who order bland commercial versions sold at numerous pizzerias.’
    • ‘The coffee is so good no matter where you go, from small corner caffès to trattorias and pizzerias, the end of a good meal is always punctuated with a shot of espresso.’
    • ‘Although a meal in smart restaurants such as Nobu and Il Teatro may inflict a heart attack on your bank manager, eating and drinking need not be restricted to cafés and pizzerias.’
    • ‘Most of those quaint and charming bookstores have sold out to pizzerias and chain stores.’
    • ‘For food, the two would go to fancy restaurants or pizzerias, all within walking distance.’
    • ‘Internet cafes, pizzerias and music clubs are tucked behind colonial portals that were already old when Captain Cook was still finding his sea legs.’
    • ‘The best pizza is made by the pizzaiolos in the tiny pizzerias where every pie looks different.’
    • ‘Corsica is a popular holiday destination in the summer, particularly with French and German tourists, and the small towns are crammed with cafes, bars, pizzerias and restaurants.’
    • ‘We'd sit in cafes and bakeries and fine Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Little Italy, eating canolis and margarita pizza (cheese and olive oil,) and gelato.’
    • ‘It's near dusk in Milan's trendy Naviglio district, and the cafés and pizzerias are filling up with revelers.’
    • ‘We rode past small shops and street vendors, restaurants and pizzerias, drinking the atmosphere in with the occasional whiff of good food.’
    • ‘The chain pizzerias like Pizza Hut and Sbarro are few and far-between for such a populated area; it's as though they have the decorum to lay low in one of the world's pizza capitals.’
    • ‘The most popular restaurants are steak houses and pizzerias.’
    • ‘Bagging groceries for the elderly, scrubbing dishes at pizzerias or flipping greasy burgers at a McJob is about as glamorous as employment gets for most 16-year-olds.’
    • ‘After a hard day's work, with little energy and less enthusiasm, it may seem easier to give in, ring the local pizzeria or Chinese takeaway and heat everything up in the microwave.’
    • ‘I enquired politely whether it was possible to buy a pizza at the pizzeria - not an entirely unreasonable request - but was met by a gentle shaking of the head.’
    • ‘It's the Grecian crop that we typically find in pizzerias and Italian eateries here in the states, as they tend to be more sweet than those grown in Italy.’
    • ‘Toward the centre of town the roads opened out into wide piazzas bordered by cafes and pizzerias which filled the air with the smell of coffee, fresh bread, mixed herbs and fried mushrooms.’
    • ‘This translates into millions of pizzas ordered from pizzerias - more than 7,000 outlets in all - strung out in a chain across the country.’
    • ‘His foodservice customers primarily consist of distributors, hotels, pizzerias and national account restaurants.’