Definition of pize in US English:


(also pars)


English Regional
  • Used in various exclamatory or imprecatory expressions, as "pize on (also upon)"; "pize take", "pize light upon"; "out a pize", "what a pize".


English Regional, Northern
  • 1with object (A) To strike; specifically to hit (a ball) with the hand in the game of pize-ball. Also with down. (b) To throw or bowl (a ball) in pize-ball.

  • 2with object To throw a ball to (the batter) in pize-ball.


Early 17th century; earliest use found in First Part of Jeronimo. Origin uncertain; perhaps a euphemistic alteration of pest or pox<br>late 18th century; earliest use found in Samuel Pegge (1733–1800), antiquary and writer. Origin uncertain; perhaps cognate with or borrowed from Middle Dutch pisen to play the game of ‘pisen’, of unknown origin.