Definition of pixie in US English:


(also pixy)

nounPlural pixies

  • 1A supernatural being in folklore and children's stories, typically portrayed as small and humanlike in form, with pointed ears and a pointed hat.

    • ‘In folklore, pixies play cheeky tricks on humans; they are annoying perhaps, but ultimately harmless.’
    • ‘Kids simply have to dress up as a fairy or a pixie and two winners will be picked after the show.’
    • ‘It's very clever for a story that's set in a parallel dimension inhabited by elves, pixies, unicorns and griffins!’
    • ‘A mate of mine, who is known as the Halloween Man, invites friends in to see his pixies (he has 15, don't ask me where from) and gives them pumpkin pie.’
    • ‘For a start, it is in a little house in the woodland beside the hotel, leading me to suspect that the staff would be elves and pixies.’
    • ‘Not only is there the day to day running of your farm, but there's a bizarre subplot involving pixies who give you magic farming tools in return for giant mushrooms and such.’
    • ‘They speak of pixies and fairies of indescribable beauty, who ensnare the heart of innocent lads.’
    • ‘I'm a lot more interested in the time tree model where we are just a single growing and evolving organism, with no dependency on aliens or magic pixies turning up further down the line with sweets if we do well for ourselves.’
    • ‘Shrek has over thirty fully-rendered characters as well as various fairies, pixies, gnomes, and dwarfs which appear mostly all in one scene.’
    • ‘The vocals are shared alternately between the two singers; both sound like fragile pixies, trapped in a lyrical world of jealous lovers and murderous intent.’
    • ‘I see myself in one sense as a zoo of conflicting desires each trying to clamour for my attention like a class of noisy children or a swarm of irritating pixies - you have to decide who to listen to and who to ignore.’
    • ‘‘I believe they are real pixies, and if I what I believe is true, this is not good,’ he said.’
    • ‘These people are living in a fantasy world, with fairies and pixies.’
    • ‘After all, where were the magic pixies sprinkling marzipan holly berries over pre-Colonial scenes of people broasting chestnuts?’
    • ‘Circulus, their debut album's weirdly suggestive title aside, are the kind of band who will sing about transferring actual power to actual pixies.’
    • ‘Instead of the crass commercialism shoveled at us come Christmastime, we get to dress up as brain-eating ghouls and sexy pixies.’
    • ‘My husband's skill at cooking is nearly enough to have me forgive him for years of thinking that pixies washed his socks and elves cleaned the toilet.’
    • ‘The nature of sprites and pixies was a very innocent one, more attune to that of children than creatures of magic.’
    • ‘Passengers join Santa and all his pixies and elves for a one hour steam train journey through Bronte Country.’
    • ‘I did however go for quite a long riverside walk through areas of woodland where on a sunny day like this you could almost believe there'd be fairies and pixies scampering about playfully.’
    elf, fairy, sprite, imp, brownie, puck, leprechaun, hobgoblin, peri
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  • 2

    ‘do you think she should grow out her hair or keep her pixie?’
    short for pixie cut
    • ‘Although she appears to have a messy chopped pixie, her hair is actually very carefully cut and precisely sculpted.’
    • ‘Short, sideswept bangs look amazing with a pixie.’
    • ‘Nancy was born in Ohio, one of six children, four of them girls, and with her pixie hair was often mistaken for a boy.’
    • ‘New York stylist Carrington gets playful with this point-cut pixie.’
    • ‘I planned on chopping off my just-past-shoulder-length hair to a pixie.’
    • ‘The stylist created this layered pixie using a technique called round graduation, in which the cut is fuller in the middle and shorter at the hairline and sides.’


Mid 17th century: of unknown origin.