Definition of piteousness in US English:



  • 1The quality of deserving or arousing pity.

    ‘the central irony and piteousness of the story’
    • ‘It was not till I was aware of these ghostly faces that the full piteousness of the ruin that had been wrought was revealed to me.’
    • ‘I shook my head at her piteousness.’
    • ‘There is great piteousness as well as great fear in the kind of supernatural talent that might allow a person to see the unseen.’
    • ‘Often the very simple, traditional clown portraits of the piteousness of the human condition didn't feel deep and subtle.’
    • ‘This pitiful look is destroyed by this lady's mockery, which draws to similar action those who perhaps might well see that piteousness.’
    • ‘For all its piteousness, his first feature is often moving, always well acted, and distinguished by rare stillness and beauty.’
    • ‘As Fantine, she was effective, exhibiting the desperation and piteousness of her distraught grisette.’
  • 2rare A flock of doves.

    ‘a piteousness of doves pecked at his window’
    • ‘A piteousness of doves alighted on the edge of the cirque.’
    • ‘A piteousness of doves is cooing in the banyan trees.’