Definition of pitchpole in English:



[NO OBJECT]dialect
  • 1Somersault.

    1. 1.1Nautical (of a boat) be overturned so that its stern pitches forward over its bow.
      • ‘Nor is it as frightening as the one that befell Steve Fossett's boat when the mainsail got stuck in a building gale and the boat nearly pitchpoled.’
      • ‘It's all fun and games until something breaks or the boat pitchpoles.’
      • ‘Stubb takes after it in the process of pitchpoling; with a long lance, connected to a length of rope, he darts the whale, then pulls the lance back, and repeats the process.’
      lurch, toss, toss about, plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list, wallow, labour
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Mid 17th century (as a noun): from the verb pitch + poll.