Definition of pitcher plant in US English:

pitcher plant


  • A plant with a deep pitcher-shaped pouch that contains fluid into which insects are attracted and trapped. The plant then absorbs nutrients from their bodies.

    Families Sarraceniaceae (New World), Droseraceae (New World), and Nepenthaceae (Old World): many species, including the purple-flowered Sarracenia purpurea of eastern North America and the white-flowered California pitcher plant (Darlingtonia californica) of the western US. See also trumpet (sense 2 of the noun)

    • ‘The pitcher plant, with their upright hollow tubular leaves and capped lids, is the most popular.’
    • ‘They fall to the bottom, where the meat-hungry pitcher plant slowly digests them.’
    • ‘Bladderworts, pitcher plants, and sundews all indulge their carnivorous tastes.’
    • ‘The pitcher plant attracts insects through the reddish colour and musty smell of its leaves.’
    • ‘The California pitcher plant, largest of the five killer plant species found here, will even consume butterflies, if it gets the chance.’