Definition of pitch into in US English:

pitch into

phrasal verb

  • 1Vigorously tackle or begin to deal with.

    • ‘So I pitched into the morning house clean routine, left all neat, tidy and sparkling clean, and took myself and the little silver Ford off to Boston.’
    • ‘He prepares to roll up his sleeves and pitch into the parochial difficulties that await him.’
    • ‘In spite of all my resolutions not to do so I pitched into a final code fix for my new web pages today.’
    1. 1.1 Forcefully assault.
      • ‘He pitched into her recklessly, upbraiding her now for her shiftlessness.’
      • ‘I despise him so I can't help pitching into him.’
      • ‘The governor was up for re-election and the opposition papers were pitching into him.’
      attack, turn on, lash out at, set upon, assault, fly at, lunge at, let fly at, tear into, weigh into, belabour
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