Definition of pitch-perfect in US English:



  • Exactly right in tone, mood, or pitch.

    ‘a pitch-perfect, hilarious sendup of a Ken Burns–style documentary’
    • ‘The note continues that ‘Like a best friend, the network always delivers, and its emotional menu is pitch-perfect.’’
    • ‘That title, with its pitch-perfect inflection of 1970s Conceptualism, sets us up for Kelley's variation on a modernist grid painting.’
    • ‘Jim Carrey in the lead and a pitch-perfect supporting cast that includes Martin Landau make their characters' hopes, fears and flaws undoubtedly clear.’
    • ‘Harmon's pitch-perfect delivery sells almost every line in the film, as when one student asks what's in it for them by studying and Harmon shoots back, ‘Literacy?’’
    • ‘His years of transmitting oral traditions into written language have left him with a pitch-perfect ear.’
    • ‘Yes, the film appeals as a pitch-perfect period piece that captures the anti-style and anti-authoritarian ethos of the Seventies.’
    • ‘I saw them years ago, but they have truly honed their pitch-perfect reproduction since.’
    • ‘In a time of epics, Pirates of the Caribbean managed to bring together real humans, CG fun, outsized proportion and pitch-perfect performances across the board.’
    • ‘It was pretty close to (though not quite) pitch-perfect as a movie.’
    • ‘The pitch-perfect acting performances, particularly by J. Evan Bonifant and Barbara Garrick (who plays his mother), cement the realism of the tale.’
    • ‘As mountaineering survival stories go, this is the destroyer of its class: an incredible climbing epic in the hands of a pitch-perfect writer.’
    • ‘From those first days in Mexico, I knew I would never achieve the pitch-perfect lucidity that whistled through his work.’
    • ‘It's not quite, and the band really came closer to that conceit with May's pitch-perfect Lovers Need Lawyers EP.’
    • ‘They've been known to perform pitch-perfect imitations of explosions, revving motorcycles and flushing urinals.’
    • ‘I actually enjoyed the much-maligned Primary Colors because I think it was pitch-perfect about contemporary ‘Democrats’ in the USA.’
    • ‘But it wasn't pitch-perfect crooning that made the daughter of Ol’ Blue Eyes such an icon.’
    • ‘Wretchard of The Belmont Club has a pitch-perfect take on next Monday's launch of Bert Rutan's Spaceship One.’
    • ‘Harrison's pitch-perfect timing as Higgins (singing live only enhances his performance) keeps things moving briskly: we both love and hate his bluster.’
    • ‘It was the pure, unconflicted, pitch-perfect voice of the world's newest global empire.’
    • ‘His tone was pitch-perfect and his message was clear: ‘We can do better!’’