Definition of piston engine in US English:

piston engine


  • An engine powered by pistons.

    • ‘Regardless of the technology, hybrids still rely on the piston engine as a primary power source.’
    • ‘A piston engine would use too much fuel, so he thought of using a gas turbine.’
    • ‘Wankle rotary engines use the Otto cycle, but they do it in a very different way than four-stroke piston engines.’
    • ‘They replaced the old radial air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines with a high-compression piston engine.’
    • ‘Unlike a piston engine, where reciprocating parts move up and down, the twin rotors in the Mazda just spin around.’
    • ‘As in a piston engine, overlap is the short circuit by which spent gasses invade the fuel-air charge.’
    • ‘H - 21s were powered by 1,425-horsepower radial piston engines and could carry 20 soldiers.’
    • ‘How did a piston engine tanker refuel a faster jet bomber?’
    • ‘Improved engine designs have boosted efficiency - turbines replaced piston engines, for example.’
    • ‘The operation of the rotary engine means that it is not prone to backfiring on hydrogen, as conventional piston engines are.’
    • ‘Nick Gibbs hovers above the centre and starboard radial piston engines of the Sparrowhawk’
    • ‘An old generation piston engine is nowhere near as technically reliable as a new generation high tech turbine aircraft engine.’
    • ‘This type of powerplant was ideal for lower performance aircraft that could substitute their piston engines for the turboprop.’
    • ‘Jet engines have supplanted piston engines in commercial aircraft due to more power, greater speed, and better all-around performance.’
    • ‘The combination is a small, low-pressure steam boiler feeding a piston engine or turbine.’
    • ‘Jet engines are crucial: They're faster than piston engines and far safer.’
    • ‘A self-winding hose reel called ReelSmart lets you flip a switch to divert the water flow from the hose to a piston engine inside the drum.’
    • ‘Hitherto, helicopters had been powered by piston engines and this had brought many cooling problems.’
    • ‘One seemed to live and dream, aircraft and to this day I automatically crane skywards at the sound of a piston engine.’
    • ‘The basic design of the aviation piston engine hasn't changed drastically in decades.’


piston engine

/ˈpistn ˌenjən/